Wednesday, March 10, 2010

40K: What if current Wounds = base Attacks?

I was going to post the next installment of the (blessedly soon to be finished) Fantastic Phrenology series (I'm sick of drawing mangled profiles and mug shots), but had an idea strike me as I went about my sinus infected-business today, so I'm gonna toss it up and see if anything sticks.

As I mulled the recent loss of my poor, forsaken Dark Eldar against the new uber-'Nids, and how I couldn't land a wounding Dark Lance shot on it to save my life, the thought occurred to me:

What if the base number of Attacks a model has is equal to it's current number of Wounds?

For most models, this is already the case: Base troops have 1 Wound and 1 Attack. Some Independent Characters and Monstrous Creatures are already this way, as well: My DE Archon (3) and the new Trygon (6, IIRC), for example. You'd still get the bonuses for CCW, charging, Combat Drugs, Wargear, etc.

As a model takes damage, however, it should not be capable of performing in combat as if it were undamaged. Even tanks have status like Immobilized and Weapon Destroyed that indicate it has taken damage and, while not out of the game, is less effective on the table. So why not apply that logic to the rest of the army?

An argument could be made against the complexity of tracking wounds in units of multi-wound creatures, but there are already rules in place for that. Really, unless you're running a MC-heavy 'Nid list, I think such a rule would be a welcome addition to the game and balance things nicely.

What do you more experienced players think: Worth considering or way off base?

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