Friday, July 31, 2009

Misc Update: Busy, busy, busy!

Not a lot of time to post or work on blog projects these days. Here's a quick list of what's going on and things I hope to finish in the near future:

  • My laptop died last Friday, ordered a new HDD to replace it - only it wasn't the HDD, it was the video card. The SECOND video card I've put in this thing in less than a year!!! I've had the laptop less than three years. Avoid Toshiba Satellites, especially the P105 series and save yourself a headache and some $$$.
  • Just purchased some land, now looking at houseplans and talking to builders
  • Everytime we turn around, it's someone else's birthday. I think my wife & I are the only ones not born in the summer between our two families
  • Heading into crunch time at work - need to have everything up and running before the new semester begins
DnD, Art
  • If my count is right, I have produced 7 articles (not all published yet), 2 encounter maps and 2 pieces of art for Nevermet Press, with another encounter map and article on the way
  • Working on layout and design of next art piece to coincide with another Portrait of a Villain
  • Just finished around round of batch painting on the 36 Slugga Boyz for my Ork army (the shirts) - next round will either be tin bitz details or the bases
  • Making some additions to an older piece of terrain (Imperial Firebase) and plans to totally renovate a second piece (Ruined Temple).
  • Having gotten some games in with them recently, I did some work on my Dark Eldar - mainly bases, put some color on my last Raider/Ravager

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DnD: Perilous Procession #4 - Negotiate with Bandits

#4 - Negotiating with Bandits
Rounding a bend on a narrow stretch of road, the caravan finds the path ahead blocked. Figures leap from hiding and surround the caravan, weapons drawn and ready. A figure, clearly the leader, demands a steep fee for their safe passage - will it be paid in goods, money . . . or blood?

Encounter Level
PC Level + 2

2 (6 successes before 3 failures)

Primary Skills

  • Bluff (Moderate DC)
    Not very smart, robbing a caravan full of assassins and mercenaries. The guild will be most displeased to learn of this, and most interested and protecting its reputation.
    • After first failure, subsequent uses of this skill auto-fail for that PC, -2 for other PCs to use

  • Diplomacy (Hard DC)
    There is no need for this, friend. If you need some help or support, I'm sure we can find a way to help you.
    • -2 if Bluff or Intimidation have failed

  • Insight (Hard DC)
    These guys are scared. They may hide it in their hoods and masks, but the eyes never lie.

  • Intimidation (Moderate DC)
    We've been looking for some action to break up the monotony of the road. Let's hope you and your flunkies give us some sport before we split your skulls.
    • After first failure, subsequent uses of this skill auto-fail for that PC, -2 for other PCs to use)

  • Perception (Moderate DC)
    I see that you carry travel gear to rob us as well your weapons. Are you on the run? Perhaps your pursuers are close at hand?

  • Streetwise (Moderate DC)
    This here caravan belongs to the guy who runs all the operations 'round here - someone I'm on good terms with. Are you looking to start a turf war?
    • +2 in urban setting, -2 in rural setting
Brilliant Success (no failures before 6 successes) - The bandits back down and leave the caravan in peace (Prices lower by 10%, +2 Diplomacy and Bluff checks vs. caravan)

- The bandits agree to let the caravan pass for 10% (rounding up) of the total amount of money the PC's carry

- Immediate combat encounter (PC level +1), risk injury to caravan

Critical Failure (PC's initiate combat OR no successes before 3 failures)
- Immediate combat encounter (PC level +1), risk injury to caravan; caravan is highly annoyed w/PC's (Prices increase by 10%, -2 Diplomacy and Bluff checks vs. caravan)

Notes: Critical Failure increases chance of facing Earn Your Keep by 10%, 30% if an NPC is injured and 50% if someone in the caravan is killed - Prices for goods and services provided by the caravan will increase by the same amount. Stack a -2 penalty to Diplomacy and Bluffing for each injured NPC and an additional -2 for each NPC death on the initial penalty for a Critical Failure.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Art: Brother Ptolemy for Nevermet Press

While I have done a few supplemental articles and encounter maps in Illustrator for Nevermet Press, Brother Ptolemy will mark the first villain around which the two-week publication cycles we work in will focus. Having recently completed the second of two pieces focused on the character, I just couldn't wait to share them any longer. This is due, in part, to a perceived maturation as an artist on my part.

I put some watermarks on them as a sort of compromise for leaking this early.

I started the first piece wanting to take more of a more comic-book, in a manner similar to the PC character portraits (which have taken a back seat along with so many other projects - sorry guys!) posted earlier. Unfortunately, I am not good a inking.

The image was drawn in pencil, then scanned and an attempt at inking in Corel Painter X was made. It was taking too long, so I took the original and inked by hand primarily using a brush pen, along with one or two others - I can't remember exactly what size/brand at the moment, but I'll update this when I find out.

As I started coloring, however, I realized that a comic-book coloring style was not traditionally one associated with the classic, painterly art styles of a certain big-name publisher of RPG's. So I steered my progress back to a more traditional painted look, albeit with the inked outlines. Additionally, we weren't sure if full-color printing was in our future, so I tried to 'play it safe' and produce something that would still look nice in a B&W book.

The second piece was inked up, but I decided to go all out and do a full color digital painting - again using Corel Painter X. I know it's cliche to hear, but I really learned a lot in working on this piece - an improved (but by no means perfected) sense of value and lighting, the importance of good photo references and making your own when necessary, working with form shadows vs. cast shadows in a dark environment . . . skills I hope to sharpen and add to on future pieces.

Friday, July 17, 2009

40K: 1500 pt DE vs. Demonhunters - Rematch!

Validation - er, I mean Victory, huzzah! My apologies if you were hoping for a tense build up to an uncertain climax (no need to get into my intimate life here, zing! Oh wait, that's on me . . . ).

Anyway, it's been a rough couple of weeks on the table. Finally, FINALLY, the Law of Averages decides to stop screwing me over. The result? One of the most amazing rounds of shooting I've ever had and some recognition that, yes, the Dark Eldar are still a force to be reckoned with.

My opponent was the same player I faced two weeks ago. Both of our army lists were the same, the only exception being that the pair of plasma guns his Stormtroopers carried were swapped up for Meltaguns, bringing the total number of Meltas in his list to five.

The Imperial forces won deployment and opted to set up and take first turn - which I was unable to steal away. He set up behind a large, forest covered hill on his right and a small, centrally located structure surrounded by difficult terrain, the Land Raider taking up his left flank.

I responded by deploying in a tight refused flank (one of my favorite deployments) behind a smaller forested hill in the table quadrant opposite the bulk of his force, maximizing the distance his Grey Knights and Penitent Engines would have to travel. A second hill on my right helped provide additional cover to my Raiders, leaving a narrow firing lane visible to his Land Raider's guns.

Turn 1: Daemonhunters
Movement: The Land Raider moves 6" toward the DE and parks on top of a patch of difficult terrain. Both Penitent Engines move forward on either side of the structure, while the Chimeras move up behind it. The Grey Knights bring up the rear.
Shooting: Utilizing the frickin' Machine Spirit, the Raider manages to immobilize - but not destroy - the Warrior Raider. The Grey Knights find that they have range with a single Psycannon and pick off two members of Sniper Squad 2 at the base of the hill.
Assault: None

Turn 1: Dark Eldar
Movement: The footslogging Warriors and functioning Raiders head towards the hill on the far right. The downed Raider Squad disembarks and moves into the choke point, while Ravagers 1 & 2 move left around the hill (2 remaining hidden this turn). Ravager 3, however, tries to join Sniper Squad 2 in the pipe-cleaner forest of doom on the hill and manages to fail its difficult terrain test - become immobilized. Fortunately, its guns are still active and it landed in a good firing position.
Shooting: Sniper Squad 1 takes aim at the Land Raider and blows it sky high on the very first shot! woot! The Cannoness and her retinue of Sisters stand firm, making all but one save and avoid being pinned. The nearest Penitent Engine (2) soaks up an unbelievable amount of firepower before being immobilized and having a weapon destroyed.
Assault: None.

Turn 2: Daemonhunters
Movement: The Chimeras try to position themselves to take shots on the Sniper Squads while the second Penitent Engine rounds the structure and makes a Bee-line for Sniper Squad 1. The Cannoness and her retinue dig in behind the difficult terrain, and the Grey Knights reach some terrain of their own to use as cover.
Shooting: Penitent Engine 1 forgoes shooting to move up on the Snipers. The Inquisitor's Chimera takes one or two Warriors out of Sniper Squad two, the rest make their saves. The Grey Knights again send some Psycannon shots at Sniper Squad 1, but cover saves negate all but one of them. The Ravagers avoid any damage from the Stormtrooper Chimera.
Assault: The Penitent Engine is in range, but unable to charge due to running in the Movement phase.

Turn 2: Dark Eldar
Movement: Ravager 2 moves out from behind the hill to support Sniper Squad 1 and the stunned Ravager. The Wych Raider moves up on the Cannoness' position and disgorges its scantily-clad passengers while the Archon Raider hangs back on top of the rightmost hill (no tree on that one). The footslogging Warriors continue their trek along the right flank, up the hill as well. We now begin what I shall forever refer to as The Greatest Shooting Phase in the History of My 40K Career. ^_^
Shooting: I can't even remember exactly which squad did what this turn, but Penitent Engine 1 was wrecked, both Chimeras were blown up, the Stormtroopers taking two casualties and getting pinned, and the Inquisitor's unit loosing a man (or two?). Finally, the Grey Knights ate a heavy Disintegrator blast and, in an incredibly bad roll for my opponent, failed all three 4+ cover saves.
Assault: The Wyches, having rolled +1 Attack for their drugs this game, charged the Cannoness with a sick number of attacks, mowing down all but the Cannonness herself and one other (not the Preacher) with an Eviscerator, despite the blessing of an Invulnerable Save having been bestowed upon the squad. They managed to cut down a single Wych in their counterattack, but rolled lower than the Wyches and were overrun. The Wyches, realizing the Penitent Engine still had a working flamer, tried to consolidate 4" outside of its range.

At this point, the Imperials had 1 wounded Grey Knight Grand Master, 3 pinned Stormtroopers, a wounded Inquisitor with 4 Stormtroopers and an immobilized Penitent Engine with one weapon destroyed left on the table.

Turn 3: Daemonhunters
Movement: The remaining Grey Knights opt to stay in their cover. The Inquisitor and his unit move up behind the immobilized Penitent Engine and the Stormtroopers (hidden behind the structure) can't move.
Shooting: The Penitent Engine manages to toast two Wyches with his flamer. It's just enough to cause a Leadership test - which they fail, causing the unit to flee 12" back to where the Raider Squad has been holding position. The Grey Knights manage to stun a Ravager.
Assault: Nothing in range to assault.

Turn 3: Dark Eldar
Movement: The Archon's Raider moves towards the Inquisitor, but stays outside of flamer range. The Wyches are able to rally but not move. The Raider Squad loads into the Wych Raider and rides it up by the Archon. The Warriors on the hill adjust their position to keep from being bored and the still-mobile Ravager 3 bears down on the Grey Knights.
Shooting: A lot of Lance shots are aimed at the Penitent Engine, but it's the Wyches, of all people, finally blow it up with a single Blaster shot. Ravager 3 downs one more Grey Knight, leaving only the Grand Master with a single wound. The Raider Squad open up on the Inquisitor, leaving only him and one meltagun-carrying Stormtrooper standing.
Assault: none.

I don't know what happened to the picture for Turn 3. Forgot to save it again?

Turn 4: Daemonhunters
Movement: The Inquisitor, attempting to escape the oncoming fury of the Archon, falls back and breaks away from the lone Trooper. The other 3 Stormtroopers finally round the central structure and take aim at Sniper Squad 1. The Grand Master sits tight.
Shooting:The trooper manages to down the Archon's Raider, taking a single Incubi with it in the process. The Grand Master and the trio of Stormtroopers try to break Sniper Squad 1, but they just can't do enough damage.

Turn 4: Dark Eldar
Movement: The Wyches head towards the Stormtroopers. The Archon and his retinue disembark in front of the poor Trooper. The two Ravagers position themselves against the Grand Master.
Shooting: The Raider Squad kill the Inquisitor and one Lance shot from the two Ravagers finishes off the Grand Master. The Wyches forgo shooting to run and the Incubi try to kill the Trooper with their Tormentor Helms, but can't.
Assault: The remaining Stormtroopers fall to the Wyches and, with a single swipe, the Archon clears the table.

The Imperials are wiped out - Soulfeast in the Spire tonight!
(End turn 4 - Game Over)

  • As Hannibal was fond of saying: I love it when a plan comes together! Deployment played a key role in reducing my opponent's effectiveness.

  • The second round of DE shooting was simply unholy. Beautiful to witness, as were my cover saves. I probably burned up all my dice karma for the rest of the year in this game.

  • Remember that IG player I faced last week? Well, it turns out he's gotten himself a bit of a reputation for questionable application of the rules. Thing is, we can't tell if it's intentional, or he's just not familiar with them. Very frustrating.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DnD: Perilous Procession #3 - Uncover the Thief

#3 - Discover the Thief
The PC's find that they are not the first and only group the caravan leader has taken on, several other groups and individuals are traveling with them - and not all of them can be trusted. Complaints of theft have been on the rise, money and personal items have gone missing. Despite his best efforts, the caravan leader has been unable to determine who the thief is. Perhaps this most recent group of outsiders has some ability to ferret out the thief? Hopefully they can put a stop to it before some of their fancy equipment turns up missing as well. The PC's must be careful, however, as a poorly handled investigation will not only tip of the thief, but annoy everyone else as well.

Encounter Level
PC Level + 2

2 (6 successes before 3 failures)

Primary Skills

  • Bluff (Moderate DC)
    Look, you can deny it all you want, but someone witnessed you sneaking around the antiquity dealer's money chest.
    • After first failure vs. an NPC, subsequent uses of this skill auto-fail for the PC who used it vs. that NPC, -2 for other PCs to use vs. that NPC)

  • Intimidation (Moderate DC)
    (cracking knuckles) Let's just skip the questions and get straight to beating the truth out of him.
    • After first failure with vs. an NPC, subsequent uses of this skill auto-fail for the PC who used it vs. that NPC, -2 for other PCs to use vs. that NPC)

  • Insight (Hard DC)
    You seem to be awfully nervous. Are these questions making you uncomfortable?

  • Perception (Moderate DC)
    Someone left a distinctive set of footprints by that wagon last night. Would you care to explain why you made them?

  • Religion (Moderate DC)
    The gods are always watching. You may be able to fool us, but you will never be able to fool them
    • Maximum one success per NPC; +1 if the PC using this skill has a divine class
Success - thief is caught, the caravan is extremely grateful (Prices lower by 10%, +2 Diplomacy and Bluff checks vs. caravan)

Failure - cannot determine the thief's identity; the group has up to [1d10 + Level] gold stolen, caravan is annoyed w/PC's (Prices increase by 5%, -1 Diplomacy and Bluff checks vs. caravan)

Critical Failure (less than 3 successes before 3 failures) - an innocent person is wrongly accused; the group has [1d10 + Level] gold AND 1 magic item stolen, caravan is highly annoyed w/PC's (Prices increase by 10%, -2 Diplomacy and Bluff checks vs. caravan)

Note: If failed (not critically), this skill check may be repeated during the course of a trip - I recommend no more than once per day/extended rest. Each failure increases chance of facing Earn Your Keep by 10%.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

40K: Battle Report Overview 1500 pt DE vs. IG

There are times when I sincerely believe that partaking of this hobby is nothing less than a masochistic endeavor. Being a Dark Eldar player, one might think that is something I'd enjoy . . . At the very least, faithful reader, you may rest easy in the knowledge that I will share these reports with you even if they are not flattering to me in any way. I just hope the other DE players out there don't get mad at me for my poor track record as of late and any sort of associations or assumptions one might make on the race as a whole.

Anyway, I played against the new IG Codex for the first time last Thursday night (and the first time in a loooong time vs IG in general). I have such a poor understanding of that Codex and army organization - not to mention the fact that there is no way I could remember what happened during each of his hellacious shooting phases beyond 'my guys died' - that I've decided to give an overview of the game and wrap it up with some observations.

I did, however, manage to take and save my pictures correctly this time.

Dark Eldar Army List (same as last time)
Archon (S.Field, C.Drugs, P.Grenades, Animus, T.Helm) - [375]
- Incubi Retinue (x 6 Incubi; 1 x Blaster, P.Grenades)
- Raider (Lance)

Wyches (x 9 Wyches, W.Weapons, P.Grenades) - [228]
- Succubus (Agonizer, P.Grenades, S.Pistol)
- Raider (Lance)

Raider Squad (x 9 Warriors, 1 x Blaster, 1 x S.Cannon) - [173]
- Sybarite (Agonizer, S.Pistol)
- Raider (Horrorfex, Lance)

Warrior Squad (x 14 Warriors, 1 x Blaster, 1 x S.Cannon) - [176]
- Sybarite (Agonizer, S.Pistol)

2 x Sniper Squads ( x 10 Warriors, 2 x Lances) - [200]
3 x Ravagers (1 x Lance, 2 x Disentegrator) - [345]

Total Points: 1497

IG Army List (as detailed as I can recall)
2 x Leman Russes (Battlecannon, Lascannon)
2 x Chimeras (Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter; Each carrying a unit of Psykers each)
1 x Sentinel (Missile Launcher)
6 x Heavy Weapon Squads (4 x Autocannons, 2 x Lascannon)
8? x Platoons of Guard (1 x Missile Launcher, 1 x Grenade Launcher)
1 x HQ unit with a standard/banner of some sort (1 x Grenade Launcher, 1 x Missile Launcher)

Deployment and Strategy

I won the roll for deployment and had him deploy first. He deployed in a fairly balanced gunline favoring (his left, my right) side of the table. I response, I deployed a semi-refused flank towards (my left, his right) side of the table, leaving a lone Ravager to serve as a fire magnet on my right flank. With a rare roll of '6,' I managed to steal first turn away.

Basically, the Dark Eldar strategy was to get into CC as soon as possible. I ran the Raiders flat-out up his right flank and ended up right next to his footsloggers on that side of the table. The Ravagers moved up a little more cautiously, except for my flanking decoy who perched on top of a hill. My footslogging Warriors tried to move and fire up the table as best they could - hopefully taking attention away from the three Raiders, while the Sniper Squads sat tight with visibility to most of his armor between them.

The IG strategy was to sit still and shoot. A lot.

Dark Eldar Performance
The Wyches got blown out of the air and then shot up. 3 of them made it into CC on turn 2 and, over the course of two Assault rounds, got wiped out by a Junior Officer and 3 Guardsmen. The Archon and Incubi also got shot down, but only lost a single Incubi before making it into CC and wiping out a platoon across two turns. They managed to survive a round of Shooting and make it into CC with another platoon - wiping them out in a single Assault round. However, the relentless firepower of the IG took its toll and eventually saw the Archon and a single Incubi taking cover by the smoking hull of the destroyed Russ by turn 4.

The Warriors broke and ran after a single round of enemy fire, but rallied and came back to pick a few wounds off of two platoons (including the HQ) and a Heavy Weapons unit. They never made it into CC, though and ended the game with the sole surviving Sybarite breaking and running away right as he was set to charge the remaining IG HQ.

Sniper Squad 1 managed to immobilize, shake, and finally destroy a Russ across four turns; sadly Sniper Squad 2 didn't really do anything but eat ordinance and blast templates. The Raider Squad managed to take out the Sentinel with a lucky Blaster shot and eventually wiped out a small platoon in CC - they did not survive the next turn's Shooting Phase, however. Their Raider ended the game with a Weapon Destroyed and heading for cover.

IG Performance

I have a hard time remembering exactly which unit did what on each turn - they all shot, a lot. Each shooting phase was a little marathon of despair for the True Kin. While there were plenty of cover saves and missed shots that alleviated the damage, the pure amount of firepower simply whittled away at the DE until there was little left - certainly nothing to put a dent in the surviving Russ and two Chimeras. The Psykers were particularly damaging to the Warriors and Snipers - having some sort of long-range large blast attack that (I'm 90% sure) rolled AP 1 every time it was used.


There were some missteps, though - the IG player had been playing the banner as allowing re-rolls to any Leadership test (including Psychic tests). Another player who began observing the latter half of the match stated that the banner only allow re-rolls on Morale and Pinning tests - not Psychic tests. I wish I'd known that earlier, it would've made a noticeable difference.

Also, he was tracking line of sight for his Heavy Weapon Teams from the barrel of the guns, and not the guardsmen operating them. They also apparently had the ability to see through Russes and Chimeras? I was not a fan of this approach, but I resisted commenting on it as I did not want to come across as a bad sport. To my opponent's credit, he was fairly generous with the cover saves.

However, it demonstrated a serious need on my part to brush up on the rules before my infrequent games. Additionally, I should undertake to gain a decent understanding of the other Codices out there.

Had I known ahead of time I'd be facing IG, I would have left the Disintegrators off the Ravagers and gone with a 3 x DL loadout. I also would have tried to get Slave Snares on the Raiders. That way, even with a Weapon Destroyed Result, they could've caused some damage. I don't know that the points would've allowed for much else. If my RJBs were finished, they might have been an alternative to the footslogging Warriors with their two Blasters. But that kind of defeats the purpose of an 'all-comers' list, so I need to learn how to use what I've got more effectively.

Friday, July 10, 2009

DnD: Perilous Procession #2 - Safe Navigation

Perilous Procession #2 - Safe Navigation
Being world-wise travelers and explorers extraordinaire, the PC's have been approached by the caravan leader who asks for some assistance. Having but a general understanding of the destination and route and they route by which they hope to arrive, he asks the group of adventurers if they might be of assistance.

Encounter Level
PC Level

1 (6 successes before 3 failures)

Primary Skills
  • History (Hard DC)
    I seem to remember reading about this destination. It was named for the river that had its source in the mountains just to the north of the city.

  • Religion (Hard DC)
    This the way by which [religious figure] made his/her famous pilgrimage.
    • Maximum once success per challenge; Once per caravan trip at DM's discretion

  • Nature (Moderate DC, rural setting only)
    This stream eventually meets the river we seek. We'll follow it to the river, then follow the river to its source and that should take us there.
    • Easy DC if PC making the check is from this area

  • Perception (Moderate DC)
    Look at your shadow. North is over that way.
    • Hard DC if PC making the check is outside his or her home plane/dimension/reality

  • Streetwise (Moderate DC, urban setting only)
    The docks are on the southern side of the city. We can follow the smell, but we'd be better off going around the warehouse district - there are some inhospitable groups of people roaming that area.
    • Easy DC if PC making the check is from this city

- the caravan avoids any random combat encounters that day, reputation may increase among the caravan (Prices lower by 5%, +1 Diplomacy and Bluff checks)

- caravan is lost, healing surge is used up; +10% chance of combat encounter (PC level-2), caravan annoyed w/PC's (Prices increase by 5%, -1 Diplomacy and Bluff checks)

Critical Failure (no successes before 3 failures)
- Immediate combat encounter (PC level-1), risk being kicked off the caravan (Prices double, -2 penalty to Diplomacy and Bluff checks)

Notes: This skill challenge may be repeated during the course of a single trip. I suggest limiting use of this challenge to no more than once per day/extended rest.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DnD: Perilous Procession #1 - Earn Your Keep

This marks the start of a collection of skill challenges that take place on a caravan, traveling from one destination to another. This first challenge, Earn Your Keep, I had originally intended to post later in the series, but I decided that since failure in one or more of the other skill challenges might result in this challenge being presented, it should be presented first.

I will say that my inspiration for doing this comes from Gamefiend of At-Will and Skillforge fame. I make no claims of being a Skill Challenge Expert/Adept/Sage/Guru/Whathaveyou myself. Any constructive feedback is welcome (especially concerning DC's) .

So, without further ado . . .

Perilous Procession #1 - Earn Your Keep

The PC's have not endeared themselves to the caravan leader or the people under his authority. Perhaps they've lead the caravan astray, disrupted their schedule, possibly even endangered lives - whatever the reason, their continued presence has now been called into serious consideration. The group must now make a convincing case for themselves to the caravan leader for staying on or be left behind.

Encounter Level
PC Level + 1

2 (6 successes before 3 failures)

Primary Skills
  • Diplomacy (Moderate DC)
    Obviously we have overstepped our bounds. Perhaps we could renegotiate our services or participation in this endeavor to a position that is more agreeable to you?

  • Religion (Easy DC)
    I can see you are a follower of [deity] - don't the tenets of your faith include charity and forgiveness?
    • May only be used once

  • Insight (Moderate DC)
    It's obvious you don't like us, and you have every right to feel that way. But surely there is some way we might improve your opinion of us?

  • Perception (Moderate DC)
    If we leave you will be short-handed, at the very least you could use a few extra hands and sturdy backs. We can do that at the very least.

  • Intimidate (Automatic Failure)
    You do this and you'll regret it!
    • -2 to all subsequent checks, unlocks Critical Failure option

  • Bluff (Hard DC)
    I heard there were wondering bands of Orcs in this region. You'll need every sword you can get to pass through safely!
    • After first failure, subsequent uses of this skill auto-fail for that PC, -2 for other PCs to use; unlocks Critical Failure option
  • Success - The caravan is willing to keep you on

  • Failure - The PC's are kicked off the caravan

  • Critical Failure (3 failures before 3 successes; only if Bluff and/or Intimidate are used) - The caravan becomes hostile towards the PC's

Monday, July 6, 2009

DnD, Art: Nevermet Press Goes Live

The site is live and the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Jonathan Jacobs (formerly of The Core Mechanic) and Mike (not Matt) Brewer of Mad Brew Labs joined forces and founded a company for publishing community-driven, system independent RPG content:

As a guest writer on The Core Mechanic, I was invited to participate. To that end, I have been writing content and (at a much slower pace) producing art and rendering encounter maps (well, one, so far).

I still plan on putting up standalone RPG ideas on this blog from time-to-time (plans for the near future involve a set of skill challenges), but a lot of my RPG writing time is now being split between the two.