Friday, July 17, 2009

40K: 1500 pt DE vs. Demonhunters - Rematch!

Validation - er, I mean Victory, huzzah! My apologies if you were hoping for a tense build up to an uncertain climax (no need to get into my intimate life here, zing! Oh wait, that's on me . . . ).

Anyway, it's been a rough couple of weeks on the table. Finally, FINALLY, the Law of Averages decides to stop screwing me over. The result? One of the most amazing rounds of shooting I've ever had and some recognition that, yes, the Dark Eldar are still a force to be reckoned with.

My opponent was the same player I faced two weeks ago. Both of our army lists were the same, the only exception being that the pair of plasma guns his Stormtroopers carried were swapped up for Meltaguns, bringing the total number of Meltas in his list to five.

The Imperial forces won deployment and opted to set up and take first turn - which I was unable to steal away. He set up behind a large, forest covered hill on his right and a small, centrally located structure surrounded by difficult terrain, the Land Raider taking up his left flank.

I responded by deploying in a tight refused flank (one of my favorite deployments) behind a smaller forested hill in the table quadrant opposite the bulk of his force, maximizing the distance his Grey Knights and Penitent Engines would have to travel. A second hill on my right helped provide additional cover to my Raiders, leaving a narrow firing lane visible to his Land Raider's guns.

Turn 1: Daemonhunters
Movement: The Land Raider moves 6" toward the DE and parks on top of a patch of difficult terrain. Both Penitent Engines move forward on either side of the structure, while the Chimeras move up behind it. The Grey Knights bring up the rear.
Shooting: Utilizing the frickin' Machine Spirit, the Raider manages to immobilize - but not destroy - the Warrior Raider. The Grey Knights find that they have range with a single Psycannon and pick off two members of Sniper Squad 2 at the base of the hill.
Assault: None

Turn 1: Dark Eldar
Movement: The footslogging Warriors and functioning Raiders head towards the hill on the far right. The downed Raider Squad disembarks and moves into the choke point, while Ravagers 1 & 2 move left around the hill (2 remaining hidden this turn). Ravager 3, however, tries to join Sniper Squad 2 in the pipe-cleaner forest of doom on the hill and manages to fail its difficult terrain test - become immobilized. Fortunately, its guns are still active and it landed in a good firing position.
Shooting: Sniper Squad 1 takes aim at the Land Raider and blows it sky high on the very first shot! woot! The Cannoness and her retinue of Sisters stand firm, making all but one save and avoid being pinned. The nearest Penitent Engine (2) soaks up an unbelievable amount of firepower before being immobilized and having a weapon destroyed.
Assault: None.

Turn 2: Daemonhunters
Movement: The Chimeras try to position themselves to take shots on the Sniper Squads while the second Penitent Engine rounds the structure and makes a Bee-line for Sniper Squad 1. The Cannoness and her retinue dig in behind the difficult terrain, and the Grey Knights reach some terrain of their own to use as cover.
Shooting: Penitent Engine 1 forgoes shooting to move up on the Snipers. The Inquisitor's Chimera takes one or two Warriors out of Sniper Squad two, the rest make their saves. The Grey Knights again send some Psycannon shots at Sniper Squad 1, but cover saves negate all but one of them. The Ravagers avoid any damage from the Stormtrooper Chimera.
Assault: The Penitent Engine is in range, but unable to charge due to running in the Movement phase.

Turn 2: Dark Eldar
Movement: Ravager 2 moves out from behind the hill to support Sniper Squad 1 and the stunned Ravager. The Wych Raider moves up on the Cannoness' position and disgorges its scantily-clad passengers while the Archon Raider hangs back on top of the rightmost hill (no tree on that one). The footslogging Warriors continue their trek along the right flank, up the hill as well. We now begin what I shall forever refer to as The Greatest Shooting Phase in the History of My 40K Career. ^_^
Shooting: I can't even remember exactly which squad did what this turn, but Penitent Engine 1 was wrecked, both Chimeras were blown up, the Stormtroopers taking two casualties and getting pinned, and the Inquisitor's unit loosing a man (or two?). Finally, the Grey Knights ate a heavy Disintegrator blast and, in an incredibly bad roll for my opponent, failed all three 4+ cover saves.
Assault: The Wyches, having rolled +1 Attack for their drugs this game, charged the Cannoness with a sick number of attacks, mowing down all but the Cannonness herself and one other (not the Preacher) with an Eviscerator, despite the blessing of an Invulnerable Save having been bestowed upon the squad. They managed to cut down a single Wych in their counterattack, but rolled lower than the Wyches and were overrun. The Wyches, realizing the Penitent Engine still had a working flamer, tried to consolidate 4" outside of its range.

At this point, the Imperials had 1 wounded Grey Knight Grand Master, 3 pinned Stormtroopers, a wounded Inquisitor with 4 Stormtroopers and an immobilized Penitent Engine with one weapon destroyed left on the table.

Turn 3: Daemonhunters
Movement: The remaining Grey Knights opt to stay in their cover. The Inquisitor and his unit move up behind the immobilized Penitent Engine and the Stormtroopers (hidden behind the structure) can't move.
Shooting: The Penitent Engine manages to toast two Wyches with his flamer. It's just enough to cause a Leadership test - which they fail, causing the unit to flee 12" back to where the Raider Squad has been holding position. The Grey Knights manage to stun a Ravager.
Assault: Nothing in range to assault.

Turn 3: Dark Eldar
Movement: The Archon's Raider moves towards the Inquisitor, but stays outside of flamer range. The Wyches are able to rally but not move. The Raider Squad loads into the Wych Raider and rides it up by the Archon. The Warriors on the hill adjust their position to keep from being bored and the still-mobile Ravager 3 bears down on the Grey Knights.
Shooting: A lot of Lance shots are aimed at the Penitent Engine, but it's the Wyches, of all people, finally blow it up with a single Blaster shot. Ravager 3 downs one more Grey Knight, leaving only the Grand Master with a single wound. The Raider Squad open up on the Inquisitor, leaving only him and one meltagun-carrying Stormtrooper standing.
Assault: none.

I don't know what happened to the picture for Turn 3. Forgot to save it again?

Turn 4: Daemonhunters
Movement: The Inquisitor, attempting to escape the oncoming fury of the Archon, falls back and breaks away from the lone Trooper. The other 3 Stormtroopers finally round the central structure and take aim at Sniper Squad 1. The Grand Master sits tight.
Shooting:The trooper manages to down the Archon's Raider, taking a single Incubi with it in the process. The Grand Master and the trio of Stormtroopers try to break Sniper Squad 1, but they just can't do enough damage.

Turn 4: Dark Eldar
Movement: The Wyches head towards the Stormtroopers. The Archon and his retinue disembark in front of the poor Trooper. The two Ravagers position themselves against the Grand Master.
Shooting: The Raider Squad kill the Inquisitor and one Lance shot from the two Ravagers finishes off the Grand Master. The Wyches forgo shooting to run and the Incubi try to kill the Trooper with their Tormentor Helms, but can't.
Assault: The remaining Stormtroopers fall to the Wyches and, with a single swipe, the Archon clears the table.

The Imperials are wiped out - Soulfeast in the Spire tonight!
(End turn 4 - Game Over)

  • As Hannibal was fond of saying: I love it when a plan comes together! Deployment played a key role in reducing my opponent's effectiveness.

  • The second round of DE shooting was simply unholy. Beautiful to witness, as were my cover saves. I probably burned up all my dice karma for the rest of the year in this game.

  • Remember that IG player I faced last week? Well, it turns out he's gotten himself a bit of a reputation for questionable application of the rules. Thing is, we can't tell if it's intentional, or he's just not familiar with them. Very frustrating.


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