Friday, July 31, 2009

Misc Update: Busy, busy, busy!

Not a lot of time to post or work on blog projects these days. Here's a quick list of what's going on and things I hope to finish in the near future:

  • My laptop died last Friday, ordered a new HDD to replace it - only it wasn't the HDD, it was the video card. The SECOND video card I've put in this thing in less than a year!!! I've had the laptop less than three years. Avoid Toshiba Satellites, especially the P105 series and save yourself a headache and some $$$.
  • Just purchased some land, now looking at houseplans and talking to builders
  • Everytime we turn around, it's someone else's birthday. I think my wife & I are the only ones not born in the summer between our two families
  • Heading into crunch time at work - need to have everything up and running before the new semester begins
DnD, Art
  • If my count is right, I have produced 7 articles (not all published yet), 2 encounter maps and 2 pieces of art for Nevermet Press, with another encounter map and article on the way
  • Working on layout and design of next art piece to coincide with another Portrait of a Villain
  • Just finished around round of batch painting on the 36 Slugga Boyz for my Ork army (the shirts) - next round will either be tin bitz details or the bases
  • Making some additions to an older piece of terrain (Imperial Firebase) and plans to totally renovate a second piece (Ruined Temple).
  • Having gotten some games in with them recently, I did some work on my Dark Eldar - mainly bases, put some color on my last Raider/Ravager

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