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DnD: Perilous Procession #2 - Safe Navigation

Perilous Procession #2 - Safe Navigation
Being world-wise travelers and explorers extraordinaire, the PC's have been approached by the caravan leader who asks for some assistance. Having but a general understanding of the destination and route and they route by which they hope to arrive, he asks the group of adventurers if they might be of assistance.

Encounter Level
PC Level

1 (6 successes before 3 failures)

Primary Skills
  • History (Hard DC)
    I seem to remember reading about this destination. It was named for the river that had its source in the mountains just to the north of the city.

  • Religion (Hard DC)
    This the way by which [religious figure] made his/her famous pilgrimage.
    • Maximum once success per challenge; Once per caravan trip at DM's discretion

  • Nature (Moderate DC, rural setting only)
    This stream eventually meets the river we seek. We'll follow it to the river, then follow the river to its source and that should take us there.
    • Easy DC if PC making the check is from this area

  • Perception (Moderate DC)
    Look at your shadow. North is over that way.
    • Hard DC if PC making the check is outside his or her home plane/dimension/reality

  • Streetwise (Moderate DC, urban setting only)
    The docks are on the southern side of the city. We can follow the smell, but we'd be better off going around the warehouse district - there are some inhospitable groups of people roaming that area.
    • Easy DC if PC making the check is from this city

- the caravan avoids any random combat encounters that day, reputation may increase among the caravan (Prices lower by 5%, +1 Diplomacy and Bluff checks)

- caravan is lost, healing surge is used up; +10% chance of combat encounter (PC level-2), caravan annoyed w/PC's (Prices increase by 5%, -1 Diplomacy and Bluff checks)

Critical Failure (no successes before 3 failures)
- Immediate combat encounter (PC level-1), risk being kicked off the caravan (Prices double, -2 penalty to Diplomacy and Bluff checks)

Notes: This skill challenge may be repeated during the course of a single trip. I suggest limiting use of this challenge to no more than once per day/extended rest.

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