Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Misc: A Brief High Ate Us

+1 Internets if you get the reference.  Also, you have excellent taste in literature.

In an attempt to avoid burning myself (and you) out on the Monomyth series, I'm taking a little break before starting on the next block of entries.  I had hoped to have something to fill the gap, but collaborative schedules rarely work out so conveniently.

At any rate, so you won't think I'm a lazy slacker, here's what's going on at Kingworks Creative (aka: the time in the evening after the kids go to bed and my own bedtime):

  • I finished a cover piece and an encounter map for the next Nevermet Press release, due later this month, IIRC. (Once NMP officially shows the cover, I will post them here).
  • Another drawing and a digital painting for two NMP settings are about half done. Not for anything in particular, just wanted to do them. 
  • Remember the card game I was working on?  I started the third one, but the design has been frustrating me, so I set it aside. Counting it, there are 2.5 cards left to finish, as well as the design for the back.
  • I have an idea for what I think could be a cool encounter, but it's in the early stages and needs some work.
  • The release of the Codex: Blood Angels has me revamping my army.  I'm currently converting half-finished Tactical Marines into Assault Marines, putting magnets in Sergeants and special weapons Marines.
  • Building a kustom Ork Trukk based on Dave Taylor's excellent tutorial.
  • At least one mob of Slugga Boyz and some Nobz waiting on a final pass of highlights and an ink wash.
  • In an effort to save money on the house we're building, I've been looking for things I can do myself to save money.  Thus far, I've only sealed windows, doors & wall seams. Soon, however, I will be putting down tile and hardwood flooring; after that, we'll be seeding the grass and landscaping ourselves.  Then taking a break to save up again in order to add a deck and finish the basement.
  • I've been working through Foundation Game Design with Flash a little bit each day (or week, if I was being completely honest) and it's got me thinking that I just might be able to finish that 40k Flash game after all.  No time soon, unfortunately.  I also need to look into the legality of making a free Flash game based on an established IP. I don't think 'homage' is going to cut it - GW's legal dept. can be pretty ruthless. I may need to make it a parody . . .
  • One of my freelance clients has been emailing me about doing an update on his website.  I'm expecting the files any day now.
I'm sure there are some other things going on, but that's all I can think of right now. Cheers!

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