Thursday, September 24, 2009

Art, Design: Binary Runes

Never thought I'd be designing a font, but here we are:

The set, which I've been referring to as Binary Runes, are inspired primarily by the Elder Futhark runes.

The next step is to turn these collections of shapes into 'simple' outlines and export them into a font editor. Right now, I'm thinking of trying the 30-day free trial of FontLab Studio. There is no way I can afford $650, though.

The real questions come after the font is created: Should I license it? What kind of license/how restrictive? How much is a font worth? Would anyone pay for it in the first place? Can a designer realistically expect his first solo effort to be worth anything?

I'm certainly not trying to restrict it's use - rather, I just want to make sure credit is given where appropriate. I won't lie, though: The idea of having something people are willing to pay for (even if it's no more than $1) gives me warm fuzzies.

I wonder if Nate Peikos (comic letterer extraordinaire and creator of the awesome Atland webcomic) would be willing to take an email on the subject . . . ?


  1. This is definitely pay-worthy, first attempt or no. I hope you were able to pursue this.

  2. Many thanks!

    I've also toyed around with a Deep Speech font, but have too many other things I need to finish first.