Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DnD: Follow Our Campaign on Obsidian Portal

If you're a hopeless insomniac or just obsessed with reading stories based around DnD sessions, check out my campaign on Obsidian Portal.

Our group is made up of 4 players - including a School Psychologist, a Public Defender, and a University Professor - all brand new to DnD and RPG's in general. Last, and probably least, little ol' me as DM, which is a role I've never played. Due to schedules, we are only able to get together about once per three weeks, but I'm trying to flesh out the NPC's and the locales in between Adventure Log updates.

The campaign started as an old homegrown adventure I found in some obscure corner of the internet - a murder-mystery - that I modified and updated to work in 4th edition. When my PC's are done with it, I'm considering bundling up all the files and maps and making it available on here.

As with this blog, constructive critiques and suggestions are welcomed.

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