Thursday, June 18, 2009

40K: Glue Then Paint or Paint Then Glue?

I am so close to having all my Black Reach Slugga Boyz painted, I can taste it! That's 36 Boyz, plus a Warboss, plus a Big Mek.

Well, when I say 'painted,' I'm really just talking about the Scorched Brown I'm using for the leather parts. And when I refer to a 'Slugga Boy,' it's really just the torso and base - the gun arm and heads are not attached. They're not even primed yet. I still have to clean the flashing and bore the barrels on 8 or 9 arms . . .

Y'see, I've gotten into this habit of painting nearly all my models before I glue them together. Since I'm so hung up on details, I find that I can reach nearly every nook and cranny of the model much easier before I glue everything together. My poor Blood Angels have been wondering around without guns and backpacks for years now (I keep meaning to get back to them, honest).

The problem, especially with horde armies like the Orks, is that this approach is taking much longer to finish. Sure the end result will look better, but on those odd occasions where someone wants to actually pick up and inspect one of my models, it's almost always one of the conversions or an HQ. So, is this extra time really worth it? (That's rhetorical, you don't have to answer)

And I haven't even address the matter of excess glue can mess up or completely wreck a part of the model that's already been painted.

My mantra has been "just the flats," meaning that I just want to get the base layer of paint on - maybe a wash, then I'll glue them together and finish up with any drybrushing and highlights that need to be done. But should the rank-and-file need much more than a basecoat and a wash? I noted in the Games Workshop painting article for the Black Reach Box Set, that was about all they did with their Orks.

Am I the only one crazy enough to take this approach? Does everyone else glue everything together before slapping on the paint? I know those 40k-ers only interested in playing will glue first and ask questions later, but what about those of you who won't play until a model (or even a whole army) is 'table-top presentable.'

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