Thursday, October 15, 2009

40K: Wrecked Vehicle Tokens

First off, all credit for this goes to John from Santa Cruz Warhammer for coming up with this.

Take some flicker LED tealights, some cotton balls, and a hot glue gun mix them together and add a little black spray paint and - voila! - you've got something every Dark Eldar player needs a fair amount of: flaming wrecked vehicle tokens!

I was a little stingy with the final coat of spraypaint on the smoke, fearing that it would block out the light. As you can see below, plenty of light still makes it through, even in a well lit room:

I think I'm going to hit them with another pass . . . if it ever stops raining.

One thing I learned in making these: If, like me, you are using a low-temp hot glue gun, pre-fluff your cotton balls and put the glue on only one half of the light at a time, immediately applying the cotton right after. This helps to get the cotton on the light while the glue is still warm and tacky. Taking time to apply it to the whole light lets a lot of the heat dissipate and you loose some of the adhesion.

I'm hoping to break them out tonight in a game. I'm excited to see how other players react.

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