Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Misc: NOT An Apology

As happens from even the most prolific of bloggers, sometimes real life asserts itself and the time between posts grows longer and longer. So I have decided to list out everything I am, have been, and plan to be working on. Such a list, it is my hope, will help me to get my goals and priorities organized so I can get around to actually wrapping some of this stuff up. Many of these will eventually find their way onto this blog - when I find the time, of course.

Recently finished
  • Freelance work: building a website for Rebuild Sudan a non-profit organization aimed at improving the quality of life for children and families who have suffered through war.
  • DnD: Three articles for a future Nevermet Press villain
  • 40k: Doing some modeling work on my Dark Eldar Ravagers & taking pictures for a post
Currently working on (to one degree or other)
  • DnD/Art: My first-ever campaign-style map for Nevermet Press' first-ever PDF release.
  • Dnd/Art: Another digital painting for one of my Nevermet Press villains: The Automated Antagonist
  • 40k: Doing an experiment in painting the door bases from Space Hulk
    while slowly painting the Marines and prepping the Genestealers for primer
  • Misc/DnD: Getting a Google Wave account (finally caved - I want in)
To Do
Back Burner (forsaken, but not forgotten)
  • Art: My super-ultra-top-secret graphic novel (1/2 way written; but I'm thinking of a rewrite)
  • 40k: Warhammer 40k Flash Game
  • 40k: Renovating some of my 40k terrain
  • 40k: Finish modeling/painting Ork, Blood Angel, and Tyranid armies
And all this on top of trying to get a house built and giving my family the time and attention they need and deserve from me. Of course, things like work, Twitter, movies and books, video games, and sleep get in the way of my productivity, but I keep plugging away in the hopes that I will one day actually not feel like I'm somehow perpetually behind in what it is I should have accomplished thus far in life.

It's not likely, but one can hope . . .

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  1. "I have a Wave account and would like to join/sit in on a game - at least to see how it's run, if I can't play. Once I have a better idea of how things work in real-time, I'd be more inclined a game myself.

    Perhaps a wave dedicated to training GM's...? Just a thought.

    How do I ping someone within Wave that I don't already have listed as a contact?"

    I too would like to get involved to develop a game through Google Wave. I have a Wave account, but also am searching how to join another player who either has a game running, or would be interested in starting one.

    My contact info is
    I'm willing to be that if you sent me an email with your gmail account, and I reply, then you would be considered a contact of mine and we could either start a game, or host a Wave for those that would like to begin playing.

    Let me know what you think.