Sunday, November 15, 2009

40K: Experimenting with Space Hulk Doors

Fear not faithful reader(s?), I have not forsaken the blog! After a rather hectic week and a half, I finally got around to getting a new post together.

The Space Hulk door bases are great for practicing new painting techniques on. Particularly, I wanted to make them look old and rusty - a technique I plan to apply to my Orks, once perfected.

Step 1 (not pictured): Undercoat of Chaos Black (sprayed on)

Step 2: Flat coat of Boltgun Metal

Step 3: Scorched Brown on the sides, corners and recesses - basically anywhere that does not get as much foot traffic on it.

Step 4: Tin Bitz over the Scorched Brown. Don't worry about an even coat or leaving some of the Brown peeking out in places - it's supposed to old and rundown.

Step 5: Here is where the experimentation really come in to play. Not sure which wash would produce the best effect, I tried three: Flesh Wash, Thraka Green, Badab Black. The washes were liberally applied all over the base. In the case of the Flesh Wash, I probably could have done with a little less.

Step 6: After the washes dried, I drybrushed some Boltgun Metal over the base - being mindful to give the more heavily trafficked areas extra attention.

And that is pretty much all there is to it! I put some doors in the bases to see how they looked.
Surprisingly, I discovered that I only had one green door for the whole set, so I probably won't be using Thraka Green on any of the other steps. The Flesh Wash looked good, but was a little too brownish/orange in the final product for an ideal match to the doors - though the yellow doors helped bring it together some. The Badab Black came out the closest to the color of the metal printed on the cards.

For some added immersion, I'm toying with the idea of making plasticard door frames - without the doors in them - that would fit in the bases and represent open doors. But I've got a loooong list of things to finish before I get around to that.

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