Thursday, January 28, 2010

DnD, Art: Custom Player Icons for My Wave RPG

I've been running a D&D campaign on Google Wave (NMP wRPG 1 - check us out!) for a little while now. There are a couple of cool plug-ins ('gadgets' in Wave terminology) to enhance the experience. The two I rely on are a dice-roller and a battlemap interface called Fighty, which basically takes an uploaded map and puts it into a Google Map interface that can be interacted with in Google Wave.

Fighty made the encounter possible, but things got a bit confusing since there was only one icon available to use for all the PC's and enemies. Then, an enterprising user took Fighty and added some really cool features like uploadable custom icons, different icon sizes, and polygons (which are great for showing auras). This upgraded gadget was called Fighty+, but the additions are supposed to be pushed back into Fighty, if they haven't already been.

The challenge, then, became to find some icons that were attractive and accurate in their representation of the PC's in our game. Alas, the ones that were attractive were not accurate, and the ones that were accurate were not attractive. So I decided to make my own:

Listed in the numbered order presented above are:
  1. Theren - Elf Ranger
  2. Shyaan Kin - Dwarf Cleric
  3. Zelt - Human Druid
  4. Lun'ka - Kobold Warlock
  5. Lii-Ug - Dragonborn Paladin
  6. Akalia - Dragonborn Bard
I used a couple of the SD sprites from the PSP version of Final Fantasy as a basis for the style and anatomical proportions, scaled them down to 30 x 30 pixels which Fighty (Google Maps?) uses for its icons and then painted over them in Photoshop. I tried to be accurate in the weapons and armor presented, but also use the colors that the players identify themselves with in the wave.

Future plans for the campaign include an entry on Obsidian Portal, whenever I get around to it.

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