Monday, January 10, 2011

DnD: Compact Monster Knowledge Cards

I can't imagine any RPG people reading this blog who don't already know about Sly Flourish, a repository of awesome ideas to make running a D&D much better. One such idea are Monster Knowledge Cards, a simple idea that helps speed up combat by displaying a monster's defenses to the PC's.

Mike's cards are 5x8, folded in half and have a full-color image of the monster printed beside the stats. They look nice, but I'm far too poor/cheap and don't play enough to make something that can't be used as much as possible.

To that end, I've made a compact version (four to a page, eight if you print double-sided), with the intention of printing them on cardstock and having them laminated. They can then be filled in with dry erase markers and reused.

Additionally, I think that the next time I get a game together (no idea when that will be, at this point) I'm going to increase monster damage while decreasing their HP's. This should make for shorter, more intense battles and help us get the most out of our sporadic gaming sessions.


  1. I'd advice not to go damage+ HP+ way. Combat becomes too swingy. I'd say use enemies of lower level (1, max 2 lvls lower), but in spades. This way your players will hit more, have less HP to remove, but sense of danger and epicness :) wouldn't go away.

  2. I mean damage+ HP- of course. Sorry.