Friday, March 13, 2009

40K: Braxus Secundus

Braxus is a special character I made back in 3rd edition. I thought that Marneus Calgar's Gauntlets of Ultramar were kinda cool, and wanted to make something along those lines to fit the Blood Angel theme.

At the time, I thought it was a novel idea to pair Lightning Claws with a jump pack. Little did I realize that Captain Shrike had been around for a while, at least in the fluff.

This was my first attempt at a conversion. I feel pretty good about how the model turned out.

Braxus Secundus ~ Master of the Rage
Notes: Braxus may join a Blood Angels army of 1500+ points. He counts as one ELITE choice and must be used as described below. He may only be used when the use of special characters is agreed upon by both players prior to the battle.

Points: 150

Wargear: "Fangs of Baal (see below)," Jump Pack, Terminator Honours (included in stats), frag grenades, and purity seals.



Special Rules:
Fangs of Baal: A pair of Lightning Claws with a built-in bolt pistol and flamer. Braxus may only use one of the two weapons per shooting phase. As they are Lightning Claws, the model may re-roll any wound rolls that fail to wound. No additional attack modifiers may be added.

Battle Hunger:
Braxus (and the DC he may be with) ALWAYS fails the test for the Black Rage and moves D6" toward the enemy (in addition to normal movement).

Rage Channel:
Braxus can channel the Rage instead of being completely overwhelmed by it. As soon as he is in close-combat, he takes a Leadership text. Passing adds +D3 attacks that assault phase. He must do this for each turn he is locked in close-combat.

Independent Character:
Unless accompanied by a Death Company (and ONLY a DC), Braxus is an independent character and follows all the Independent Character special rules in the 40K rulebook. However, he may not lead any units.

Death Company:
Braxus also follows all special rules for the Death Company (Red Thirst, Fearless, Ignore Injury, Deep Strike, and Deployment).

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