Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dnd, Art, Design: Dwarven Rune Font

Remember the Binary Runes I was working on for one of my Nevermet Press submissions? I used fontcapture.com to turn it into a TrueType file.

The resolution in the final product was not quite as precise as I'd hoped, so I had to remove the binary aspect from the upright portion of the characters, as it came out rather 'blobby.' Still, I think it works rather nicely without it:

Just download it and drop it into your Windows/Fonts folder (Mac OS X: Double-click on the downloaded font file, then click Install Font.)

Dwarven Runes Font (14.34 KB, Mediafire)

This font is 100% free and my Christmas gift to you. I just ask that you give credit where it's due - of course, any and all donations will be greatly appreciated and go towards producing more and better material.


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