Friday, December 4, 2009

DnD: Call for Submissions - Open Game Table II

Howdy! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving- or ideologically equivalent - holiday. I've been ridiculously busy with projects that (hopefully) I'll get to post more about soon. Until then, I have an announcement for all the DnD/RPG readers:

Jonathan Jacobs, mastermind behind The Core Mechanic and one of the founders of Nevermet Press has announced the second volume of the popular Open Game Table for a Summer 2010 release. It will be released simultaneously as an eBook and with retail print distribution via Studio 2 Publishing.

As was done for Volume 1 - the creation of the manuscript is preceeded by two important steps:
1) the assembly of an independent peer review panel (bloggers, game designers, developers, artists, fans all welcome)
2) the recieving of blog post nominations.

The application period for being a peer reviewers closes December 31st, 2009. These individuals will be responsible for reading the entries (not all of them, word count will be spread around) and interacting with Jonathan during the final decision making process. If chosen, your names will be withheld until publication of the book. If you are interested, follow the link for more information and to submit your information:

The submission deadline for nominations of blog posts closes January 15th, 2010. The submission process has been streamlined so that all you need to submit is a valid URL. Up to 5 submissions per form can be accommodated; but there's no limit to how many forms you can send in. The nomination form, and more information, can be found here:

I thinking of submitting some stuff, myself - maybe I'll see your stuff there, too!

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