Monday, December 7, 2009

DnD, Art: Portrait of a Villain - The Desire; On Sale Now!

I am happy to announce that Nevermet Press - the online collaborative group I have been working with for several months now - has released it's first collection of articles in its Portrait of a Villain Series!

In this eBook, you will find the complete back story to Desiree Turpis, also known as The Desire, a calculating Madame who manipulates local nobles and crime lords to serve her own needs.

It is fully-compatible with 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Along with The Desire's own back story, adventure hooks, goals and motivations, you will also find:

  • Three fully developed, drop-in encounters featuring The Desire
  • Four new organizations to help create a rich campaign setting, complete with stats for each organization's leader and minions
  • The Objects of Desire; a collection of new magical masks for 4E
  • The Sword Sisters; a new 4E Paragon Path for PCs bent on revenge
  • Highcourt, City on the Edge; a fully developed microsetting to help get things started (includes full color map)
  • The Ceremony, a short story where The Desire assassinates a local noble.

All this and dozens of high quality illustrations and maps, over 30 new allies and enemies all for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Nevermet Press eBooks offer the following added features:

  1. TWO PDFs in each purchase. The main PDF is brilliant full color landscape, 3-column layout for EASY screen reading. The second PDF is a FREE B&W printer friendly version that includes a portrait 2-column layout, reduced graphics, and wider left margin. The result is a PDF that is easy on your ink/toner and ready to hole punched for your notebook.
  2. Interlinked PDFs with bookmarks and links to
  3. Full color, beautiful illustrations and maps.
Get it here!

To mark the occasion, here are a couple of illustrations I contributed to the project, in addition to some written content, two encounter maps, and the Highcourt Map featured on this blog a couple of posts back:

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